Sat 4th April, 2015
All That Ever Happens, the video!


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Sat, 14th March, 2015
Video Preview and Music Night!

       Fri 3rd April we're getting together for a night of music and a preview of my latest video! We'll be in Third Space Cafe in Dubli, come along for coffee and songs from some extraordinary guests and to watch All That Ever Happens as imagined by Music-Shoots and IRIS Music Ireland.
Saturday, 21st February, 2015
It's A Wrap!

       15th Feb 2015, Dublin docks. 2am. -1ᵒC. We've completed the final shoot, bringing the video to a close. We'll be editing the footage this weekend and hopefully in a few weeks it will be ready for release.

Image by Tomasz Bereska.
Courtesy of Music-Shoots.  

Thursday, 19th February, 2015

       Many of you have been asking for the transcription of Scribbles (Lullaby) so here it is, tabbed as well as notated.

You can download the pdf file here.
Listen to the track here.

Monday, 9th February, 2015
In The Lane.

       Back in Windmill Lane Studios to tease out a re-arrangement of two songs and, given half the chance, to shoot a second video.

Wednesday, 28th January, 2015

             One-third of the way in making the video. It will look something like this.
Thursday, 15th January, 2015
Colour Chordination.

       I don't know for you, but for me G is ocre, F is brick red, C is azure, E is definitely chestnut brown, A is rose red, B is canary yellow and D is leaf green.

Wednesday, 17th December, 2014
Making The Video.

       We've commenced filming the video! Here's Giuliano in-between takes looking rather martial.
We have a sizeable amount scenes and locations to get through and we're aiming to finish by spring 2015.

The video is produced by I.R.I.S. Music Ireland and filmed by Tomasz Bereska from Music-Shoots.

Tuesday, 26th August, 2014

Friday 27th June, 2014
Streaming the album on Facebook.
       We've added a new MUSIC tab on Giuliano's Facebook page so you can now stream the songs directly from your social network!

Thursday 26th June, 2014
Updated Photo gallery.

       We have added to the Gallery page some new images taken during the making of the album.

Photos by Tomasz Bereska.
Courtesy of Music-Shoots.

Wednesday 4th June, 2014
Freakout! Acoustic Sessions.

       Charming some venomous cables at David Kozak's Freakout! Acoustic showcase in the Czech Inn.

Thursday 22th May, 2014
Gaslight Ghosts.

       The Gaslight Ghost Sessions materialize once a week behind the curtains in Chancery Lane Theatre in Dublin. Tables and chairs are laid out in semi-circle and in the spotlight, in the middle of this auditory pentagram, various musical exorcisms are performed by just as many victims of the songwriting demon. No one is ever saved.
Monday 5th May, 2014
Crafty Monday Sessions.

       Opening the night in Sin É at the Crafty Monday Sessions; a brand new showcase, and rising as one of the most coveted in Dublin.

Images by Paul Simon Manley
Courtesy of Taephota Photography
Monday 21st April, 2014
Live and kicking.

       Finally after being kept away by the making of the album, I am now free to return to live performance. Upcoming gigs will be listed on the gigs page and some highlight nights will also be listed on Songkick.
Thursday 17th April, 2014

       Here is the item in question: Guaranteed vintage, more than three decades old, a little worn by use, might still play a decent tune; next to it of course, a Gibson SG Standard, heritage cherry.

Thank you for all the Birthday Wishes!


Tuesday 4th February, 2014
"A cohesive collection of folk songs that doffs its cap to musicians John Martyn, Nick Drake and Richard Thompson."

"There’s no denying the likability of these songs."

Giuliano Nistri"All The Songs In One Night"
(view album info)

Wednesday 1st January, 2014

       May your awareness keep you playful, may your forgetfulness keep you happy. May we see one another.

Thursday 7th November, 2013
                                      ˜ Album Out Today!! ˜


Thursday 31st October, 2013
Album Release Date

       The CD Album 'All The Songs In One Night' is now ready and will be released on Thursday 7th November, 2013. There will be 1,700 hard-copies available for sale to the general public.

Album hard-copy available at:


    Street stores: Celtic NoteSpindizzy Records

Download album at:

Wednesday 17th July, 2013

       We have completed mixing the tracks for the album and have just sent the lot to be mastered by the illustrious Bob Katz.

Monday 27th May, 2013
One Last Song for the Album

       We thought there was room for one more song on the album so we pushed the release date forward by a few more weeks to give it time.
It's called 'Finally Awake' and it will be the 10th and closing song.

Nov-Dec, 2012
Voicing the Words.

       Currently recording the album's vocals.

       (Please note that, as we are approaching the release of the album, we have decided to remove all pre-release tracks. We have had a lot of plays since we put them up and we thank you very much for listening this far and for all your support).

Monday 27th August, 2012
Lazy Band Night.

       Exchanging a few words with the audience between songs in Bewley's Theatre, on Grafton St. in Dublin, as a guest at the monthly Lazy Band Night. The stage at Bewley's works just as well for a fully acoustic music night such as this as it did for us in trio in July.
Tuesday 17th July, 2012
Recording Sessions 3.

       Tomorrow is the last day of the live recording of the instruments’ parts and we have three final titles on the to-do list.

Friday 6th July, 2012

       We accepted an invitation to play at the 10 Days in Dublin Festival, in Bewely’s Cafe Theatre.
This was the trio's last showcase before heading into studio for the third and final recording session for the album. The audience's gracious attentiveness and approval is an auspicious send-off.

Images by Tomasz Bereska
Courtesy of

Monday 27th February, 2012
Recording Sessions 1-2.

       8 Cecilia Street, Temple Bar in the city of Dublin; this is where the album will be recorded. Cecilia, how about that for a name. Two days, the last ones in February, starting tomorrow the 28th, since this is a leap year.

We are recording the instruments live. Six microphones between Dan and I and 13 microphones for Tommy’s drum kit and the live room.

No overdubs, double-tracking or punch-ins, with the exception of the vocals that are to be set-down later.
Sunday 13th February, 2012
Saucy Sunday.

       The main stage of the Grand Social is located counter-intuitively on the top floor of the venue. It is decked-out like the underside of a circus marquee - which spells entertainment from the moment you step in - and one couldn't wish for a better sound. The album got its first shakedown.

Thursday 23rd January, 2012

       The 11th rehearsal had us load the cars and relocate to Streamstown House, a short trip North of Dublin and at a shoulder’s breadth from Malahide.
The house is hard-wired on tea. You can follow music being played from the AGA range in the kitchen to any closed door along its corridors. Like a beached brick whale it seemed to have made short work on its travels of a thousand theatre stages – props, actors and all – finally settling on the mid-eastern coast of Ireland, gaping its mouth and becoming a modern-day Jonah's house. You couldn't tell precisely who or how many were living there at any given time or who wasn't. Someone in the house was trundling through the narrow corridors in a puffed-up mountain-expedition onesie. The suit was coloured safety-yellow, a tint that facilitates being seen, in case, it seems, one got lost.

Thursday 15th December, 2011

       We made our way to the Apollo room this morning at Temple Lane Studios for a listening session with Pat the producer. Offloading and lumbering instruments through the narrow and cobbled alleys of Temple Bar somehow becomes a vanishing experience; one disappears from plain sight, integrated with the local functions like hauling trash-cans or mopping-up spills, occupations that don't register on the bystender, erased by their own recursion. It appears we are only seen if we are there where others expect us to be.

Thursday 17th November, 2011

       Slán agus beannacht ag Seosamh.


Wednesday 9th November, 2011
Berliner Examen.

       The Rickenbacker Music Inn is a small music venue in its own right. As I crossed the door and shouldered past a set of heavy curtains I was faced by a raised stage with 7 chairs, 6 perched musicians (including a washboard player), 5 microphones and the usual sprawl of guitar-leads, monitors, stands, lights and the works. To my right, jutting out of the toilet walls, was an alcove for the sound engineer boxing some hardware and mixing equipment. Sitting on the stage in semi-circle and warming their engines were the members of the resident in-house southern-rock/beatles band with a lead singer looking uncannily like Bill Murray and a lead guitarist who was a Stellan Skarsgård doppelgänger.
       Little did I know that although I'd been invited to play that was no guarantee, I had to earn the right to perform first - but at the same time perform to prove the right - the subtle absurdity of this loop gently escaped me at the time. So I was wised-up by the Stellan's long-lost twin that between the second and last sets of their output for the night I'd be granted a solo spotlight for just one original song and once through with it, if I could see at the back of the venue the thumbs-up, I could then proceed with second and final tune - new policy had it that no-one was permitted to play solo, even less to play orginals, to avoid letting loose upon the warmed-up audience all sorts of surprisingly un-checked creations. I was somehow allowed an exception on grounds which I never later got to find out. I can only presume they let me play because I was wearing a tie. After a long introduction in German, which sounded too close to an apology for my taste, I sat on the raised boards and got on with a tune. I was then allowed to proceed with a second song with some relief and closed my music exam for the night.

Thursday 20th October, 2011
Songs and Rooms.

        Out and about again on Tuesday through the thick cartel of songwriters' nights and open-mics in the capital, I managed to get my foot in the door at Dave Murphy's night in The Bankers with just about enough time to perform one song. Yesterday evening instead I played a guest a slot at The SongRoom in The Globe.

Photograph courtesy of Y. Morselli

Thursday 7th July, 2011
The Zodiac Sessions.

       A good night at the Zodiac Sessions in Bruxelles Bar last night.
One more gig now coming up in Alfie's after which we'll be taking time out to work on the album's newer songs.

Wednesday 29th June, 2011

       Ensamble Confirmed: We will be recording the album with drummer Tommy Gray and double-bass player Dan Callaghan. Rehearsals due to start in October 2011. Gigs and recording in 2012.

Wednesday 8th June, 2011
Recording the Album.

        We have finally begun pre-production on the studio album. It will be recorded in two stages here in Dublin at Temple Lane Studios, in Temple Bar, sometime around February and July 2012. It will be live, in trio formation with double-bass and drums. We will post news of the progress. You can follow the album progress also on facebook.

Tuesday 14th December, 2010

      We've just upgraded our Gallery page and added a couple more photographs, including artwork from Slovak photographer Vladimir Longauer
The photos were taken at the Windmill in Skerries and are part of one of Longauers's long-term projects concerning musicians.

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